Some of the people we met on the 2008 tour of Albania and Montenegro


This is mama. We stopped at her cafe after following the rood on the the west side of Lake Skadar on the way to Virpazar. She prepared a wonderful lunch with fresh produce from her own garden and also served a excellent home-made rakija. The interior of the cafe is full of fascinating old photographs and posters.

David Piper

This is David Piper who we met at Corfu airport and then met several times again at the harbour where we were all looking for a ferry to the mainland. David impressed us with his light-weight bike and very compact luggage!
He has done some interesting tours and has a great web-site at

The Host at Studio Max

This is the owner of Studio Max in in Shėnvasil (San Basil) which is on the road from Sirandė to Himarė. We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed talking with our host. We were lots of good advice and bottles of iced water when we left. Studio Mex

The boss and waiter at the Panorma Hotel

The is the owner and waiter at the Panorama Hotel in Montenegro. They came to our rescue late in the evening after we had crossed the border and were desperately tired and looking for somewhere to stay.