News from the Bike Boys

October 2011 Bike Boys Schahroch celebrates his 50th birthday with a fantastic party with lots of food, drink and dancing. click picture to expand

October 2011 Bike Boys return from tour of Spain. More details will apear soon click picture to expand

February 2010 The Bike Boys and friends are beaten by deep snow on the Brocken. For the first time ever, the summit was not conquered. click picture to expand

24th August 2009 Stephen and Catherine at the start of the tour along the Southern Upland Way from the west coast of Scotland to the east coast. See the tour pages.
29th June 2009 Matze leaves for the Baltics. Due to the lack of a 2009 bicycle tour, he goes on his motorbike. See the tour pages.
20th March 2009 Schahroch leaves for Iran. His first visit for 24 years.
17th March 2009 Schahroch prepares to leave for Iran. The Azadi Monument
3rd Oct 2008 Schahroch with fan after successfully completing the Benthe Berg 10km run Read all about it at:VSV Benthe
2nd Feb 2008 The bike boys and friends climb The Brocken
11th Nov 2007 Stephen competes in the Hermann-Löns-Park-Lauf read more about it....
24th Oct 2007 Newly-wed Matthias, the senior bike boy, celebrates his birthday in style.
22nd Oct 2007 Schahroch, the master chef, celebrates his birthday with fantastic selection of tapas.
The bike boys celebrate.
3rd Oct 2007 Hannover Bike boys Shari and Stephen take part in the Benthe Berg Volkslauf with honorary Bike Girl Angela and training partner Merja   read more about it....
June 2007 Crimea tour abandoned after Cord takes a tumble    
10th November 2006 Matzie marries Angela   read more about it....